Sunday, October 23

The Debut

Today is the day!! The day where I will be posting my very first outfit post. I have been skeptical and unsure if I wanted to start posting daily outfits but I have finally gained enough courage to do so. I am one to hate when my mother wants to take a picture of just me and I was not blessed with a trait that makes me look like a modeling guru when posing for pictures, like so many other blogs I see. When I went through much debate when deciding to post outfits I finally realized its not about me, its all about the outfit. Overall, I have learned that by posting outfit posts I can really learn through them and hope that other bloggers can be inspired by my outfits. My favorite thing about looking at other blogs is the daily outfit postings and it is so intriguing to see all the different styles and way of interpreting a certain trend. So here goes nothing.

My Outfit* Sweater: H&M  Tank: Charlotte Russe  Leggings: Express  Shoes: Target  Jewelry: Windsor, Forever 21, Express

When* I work at Express and I wore this to work because it was the first day that really felt like fall and all I wanted to wear were my pajamas. This is such a cozy and comfortable outfit, the poncho like sweater reminds me of being wrapped up in a blanket. I basically live in these leggings during the fall/ winter season so I'm sure you will being seeing these again and again. Happy lazy Sunday to you all in the blogging world! :)


  1. Love the leopard flats and look adorable!!

  2. I'm glad you got the courage up, Jessica :) I also debated for a long time about doing the outfit posts, but in the end I had similar logic as you - it's about the outfit and letting others find inspiration in your styling! I look forward to more of them!!! (BTW, I really dig the accessories you put with this look - really pulls it together!)

  3. Hey doll! Cute blog!
    Feel free to check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

    LittleMissFashionista xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh you are adorable... I love this outfit!!! :) I'm your newest follower! I'm excited to see what other adorable outfits you got going on!