Sunday, September 25


 Just wanted to share with you some photos that show some things that I am currently obsessed with or that just inspire me in general. I love looking at fashion photos because I always get really inspired to try new things. Hope they will inspire you in some shape or form as well. Happy Sunday! :)

Long Blazers 



Gold embellishments and pretty up do's
Statement Jewelry
Lace up boots

Statement shoulders

                       Denim boyfriend button up                      

Mixing colors


Monday, September 19

Fashion's Night Out

 Last week was one of my favorite times of the whole year. You may think I'm talking about the football season kicking off (GO BEARS!) or early planning for Christmas but for all my other fashionistas out there you probably know what I'm talking about. Last week was Fashion Week in NYC! To kick off Fashion week they dedicate a night out that's filled with fashion on Thursday called Fashion's Night Out! For anyone who doesn't know what I'm making all this hype about this glitz and glam night is all about an after hour fashion extravaganza that happens once the stores close. From New York City to Paris and Milan this night at various retailers is filled with fashion shows, previews of upcoming trends, models & celebs and fabulous clothes.. oh and can't forget the yummy treats and drinks! I was so excited because I was able to attend an event at Neiman Marcus on Chicago's Magnificent Mile with some friends from school. We got front row seats at the fashion show that was just absolutely amazing with all the fab clothes from the top designers for the fall season. Anything and everything from Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Dona Karan and of course my favorite Chanel was showcased at the show. While all these clothes are one of a  kind they come with a top of the line price tag, Darn! It's really inspiring to see all the beautiful garments and while I can't afford anything shown at the show, hopefully someday, I wanted to try to find some pieces that resembled what I saw but with lower price points. For all of you who are in the same shoes as me and want the top designer goods without the HUGE price tag here are some just as great items I thought resembled some things I saw. And for all of you that can buy Chanel and Dior, props to you!
My girls and me at Fashion's Night out!
With one of the models

         My Outfit* Top: Express Skirt: Express Belt: Nordstrom Heels:  BCBG Jewelry: H&M



Bow blouse: H&M $9.95

Belle Cape: Nordstrom $148 (Available in red)

Sequin mini: Express $59.90
Lace tights: F21 $6.80

Wool coat w/ faux fur: H&M $79.95
Suede Boot: Nordstrom $149

Layers galore

Animal Print

The photos on the left were photos I took from the fashion show and on the right was my interpretation. The fashion show I saw featured lots of fur, tights, rust color coats, boots, lace, 70's inspired garments, chunky and cozy sweaters and RED, RED, RED! Did you get the point that red will be BIG for the Fall season!? Whether your looking for an excuse to spend some hard earned money or getting out last year's fall clothes. Putting together outfits for Fall 2011 can be easy as pie, well im no cook so Im not sure I should say that, but just think layers and experimenting with putting things together you have never tried or never thought to try. Who said you can't change your outfit 5 times till you find the perfect fit for you? Not me..


Thursday, September 15

Fall into Fashion

Tonight my dear friend Megan came over for a movie night. Although she is a friend of mine she really has no sense of fashion, I can say this because she tells me this all the time. She is always asking me fashion questions and how to put things together. (Actually shout out to Meg A because she is the one who basically made me write my first blog post)One of my favorite things to do is put outfits together especially for others because everyone has different styles and tastes which is so intriguing for me to experiment with various things. So one of the first things she asks me when she comes over is about her most recent purchase which was a Camel colored jacket from Target. She had bought this leather jacket but was not sure what to wear it with...she just thought it was “jazzy.” Since fall clothes have arrived, which I am slightly bummed about since my favorite thing to wear is summer dresses, I decided to help her put together an outfit perfect for any fall day. 

Carmel motorcycle jacket
 I really love this motorcycle jacket since you can transition it from day to night. Plus this camel colored jacket color is so aDIORable. Looking through all the fashion mags you see a lot of this color for fall in anything from shoes to purses and jackets. Below I found some images of things I thought would work great with this jacket for first the day and then the night.


Tops: Any basic white or black tee
Bottoms: Dark skinny jeans
Accessories: Scarf, cross body bag and skinny belt
Shoes: Flats

Target $12.99

Forever 21 $24.90
Express $34.90
H&M $5.95

Target $24.99
H&M $24.90

Pulling it all together: I think when you have a basic outfit like this you can really play around with the accessories. Adding a fun printed scarf can really make the outfit. Also, adding pops of color (like the shoes, cross body bag and belt above) can make the outfit fun and flirty. To show off the belt, tuck in the underneath shirt into your jeans and place belt through belt loops.  I think it’s really cute when you can see the sleeves of the shirt underneath the jacket. To do so bunch or cuff the sleeves of the jacket and pull the underneath shirt through an inch or two below jacket sleeve. And Voila we got outfit #1.


Tops: Button down shirt
Bottoms: Maxi skirt or above the knee skirt
Accessories: Bold chunky necklace
Shoes: Wedges

Norstrom $16.00

America Eagle $29.99
Nordstrom $34.00

  Francesca's $48.00

Pulling it all together: This outfit probably consists of some of my new favorite things for fall with the wedges, button down blouses and knee length to maxi skirts. Just like I did for the  day outfit I love adding pops of color or a fun print weather it being a main piece like a skirt or an accessory like a necklace. I love love love these shoes from Francesca's I think I may have to go get a pair.

*Let me know what you love, like or hate about these outfits.

Wednesday, September 14

Hello Bloggies

Hello Bloggies! :) So this is my very first post and I'm kinda excited to start my very own fashion blog. I have had a blog literally for years following all these cute and fun fashion bloggers while my blog literally went without any attention, except for the fact it had an ugly floral background and my name on it. I decided to start this blog with the encouragement of friends and family who always would say "you love talking about fashion" why not start a blog. In all honesty I think they want me to shut up and let out all my fashion frenzies out on here. I don't really know what I'm gonna post or how often but I think it will be  a great way for me to not only share my passion for fashion with others but also a way for me to experiment with new things and learn more about my own sense of style. So even if no one looks at my blog, which could be awkward since I would be talking to myself,  I am looking forward to basically having my very own fashion diary that I can look back on. So here goes nothing...

A little about myself: I am 22 years old. A fashion marketing & management major at the Art Institute in Schaumburg and for once in my life I actually enjoy school. Wow! I can't believe I just said that. I have always been really interested in fashion and when I figured out what  I wanted to do with my life there was really no other career field I could imagine myself in. I plan on moving downtown Chicago asap, I'm a city girl for sure. I'm really close to my sister Sarah you will probably see her in some of my picture posts. She will most likely be the one behind the camera taking the pics (Sarah always has good photography ideas, as for me not so much) and she is wanting to get in on this whole blog lovin thing too.

*On a side note: If someone is actually reading this I am no English major which means there will defiantly be misspellings, punctuation in the wrong places and most defiantly run on sentences. I do hope you can forgive me : /