Sunday, September 25


 Just wanted to share with you some photos that show some things that I am currently obsessed with or that just inspire me in general. I love looking at fashion photos because I always get really inspired to try new things. Hope they will inspire you in some shape or form as well. Happy Sunday! :)

Long Blazers 



Gold embellishments and pretty up do's
Statement Jewelry
Lace up boots

Statement shoulders

                       Denim boyfriend button up                      

Mixing colors



  1. I love this!! Gorgeous inspiration photos!! I'm all about the braids, gold, lace, booties and statement jewels too!! I'm loving your blog!! Thanks so much for following me - I appreciate it so much!! :)

  2. gorgeus looks!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. Love all these pictures!! :) Favourite would be the gold embellishments and up do!

    I wish I did your course in fashion and management. I'm stuck now finding a job in the fashion industry but can't due to my accounting background. Anyway, all the best in completing your course and working towards your dream job.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
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