Thursday, October 13

About Me

My lovely bloggies I apologize that I haven't posted in a few weeks. It seems as though I am growing up and school and work are taking over my life, which leaves me no time for fun like blogging. When did this happen and how do I make it stop?! I'm gonna try my best to post more this week. All that aside when I have been looking through blog's lately I have seen that many bloggers have a cute tab for an "About me" section and since I don't have one I decided to do a post on that today. I know it's very generic and I'm probably really boring and have nothing exciting to say but try to bare with me. I always enjoy reading about other people and getting to know the people of the blog's I read so I thought it would be good way for you to get to know me better. Here we go!!

Name: Jessica Lynn Hogan
Age: 22
Residence: Rockford, IL
Occupation: Im a student at the Illinois Institute of Art majoring in fashion marketing and management. I work at Express as a fashion expert/ sales associate. Overall, such a fun job and love being able to get an idea what the fashion industry is like and how it works.. Oh and the extra discount doesn't hurt either.
Favorite Fashion Designers: This question is almost impossible to answer and it tends to be one of those silly questions my teachers ask us on the first day back to school to get to know everyone in the classroom. Honestly, I think I answer it differently everytime but overall some of my all time favorites are Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Tory Burch and of course Chanel.
Item of clothing you would never throw out: My grandmothers jewelry. When my grandma passed away a little over a year ago I received some of her jewelry. I was really close to her and I remember her wearing the rings or bracelets  I received so I love that I have a little piece of her still with me. Also, my north face down winter coat. I got it last year for Christmas and I literally don't know how I survived without it during these cold Midwest winters. It kept me toasty warm the whole winter and I will never want to go through another winter without it.
How would you define your personal style: My style I think is trendy but I like to make it my own by trying to put a twist on it or by adding accessories to pull it together. My style is very feminine and classy. I like to buy things I know are timeless and I can keep for awhile.
What is your own fashion trademark: My pearl earrings that my parents got me for my 18th birthday. I never leave the house without them whether Im wearing an over sized hoodie or a LBD (little black dress) I am always wearing them.
Dream job: I would love love love to work for a major fashion magazine and be a fashion editor. Attending all the top designers fashion shows and setting up the photo shoots for the magazine would be such an amazing job. I mean what girl who loves fashion wouldn't want to do that. It's also always been a dream of mine to open up my very own fashion boutique. I will do everything and anything to make this happen someday.
Favorite accessory: My sister gave me a bracelet she got me when she was in Door County and it hasn't left my wrist since. Over the years we have always gotten bracelets together when on vacation or when one of us has visited somewhere and those are probably some of my favorite accessories. My sister and I are really close so I guess they are my favorite just because it reminds me of a special memory we shared or our "sister bond."
Favorite Color: Pink!! but I also have started to just love black and white together because it looks so classy, like I said I guess I'm growing up.
Favorite Makeup: Love Marykay. My aunt sells Marykay and I'm lucky enough to help her with some of her work and my pay is free makeup. It will be a sad day when I actually have to start paying for makeup.
Favorite Food: Hands down its ICE CREAM! Anyone that personally knows me knows that Im the girl that eats it everyday and am always wanting to make a run to the local ice cream place. And yes I do eat it out of the tub in my bed sometimes.
Favorite destination: CHICAGO!! I love the city and hope to make a move there next year sometime. I'm also a beach girl so any nice beach in the south. Love to stick my toes in the sand and feel the sun soaking in.
Favorite discovery: Travel size antibacterial gel. I am a freak when it comes to antibacterial gel. I am always using it so I love that they have travel sized one's I can keep in my purse. I just stocked up and bought 10 at Bath and Body works so I'm all set to be germ free.
Your vice: Clothes!! I have an obsession.
Something you splurge on: Shoes and purses. It's a staple I use everyday so I don't mind spending a few extra dollars on something I know Ill use a lot and will keep for a few years.


  1. I love getting surprise comments and I love fashionishy blogs!! I will definitely follow your blog

  2. Thank you for your comment! :) New follower of your blog! Hope you will follow me back

  3. Great outfit!

  4. Well, you succeeded with this post, because I do feel like I know a little more about you! But you have also inspired me to do something similar! Hope that's ok :)